Total Body #1

I find total body circuit workouts to be the most efficient way to workout- you get strength and cardio at the same time. You will work all the major muscle groups in this circuit which will be a great calorie burner. These workouts are also boredom busters- no move lasts more than about 1 minute. The total circuit takes about 10 min.; although it may take a few minutes longer at first until you get the routine down. As you progress I recommend going through the circuit 3 times for best results. Now get busy!

Total body #1

circuit #1                                                                                        Reps                              

1. Lunge with lateral raise – alternating legs                      12

2. Squat with back row                                                                12

3. 30 sec cardio – knees up running in place                   30 sec

4. plank                                                                                             30 sec

circuit #2

1. donkey kicks (weight in bend of leg)                               12

2. tricep extension/ static lunge                                           12

3. 30 sec. cardio – burpees                                                       30 sec.

4. static sideplank                                                                        30 sec.


1. sumo squat/upright row                                                      12

2. wall sit bicep curl (2 arms at same time)                       12

3. 30 sec cardio – mountain climbers                                  30 sec.

3. single leg lower                                                                         30 sec.

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