Plank variations

The plank is a popular and very effective ab exercise. It is effective b/c you are resisting movement instead of creating movement-  isolating the muscles. You are strengthening  the stabilizing muscles (which often get overlooked).This may be something your muscle are not used to doing – change = results. Your whole body gets a workout  as well -arms and legs help stabilize .The inner muscles (transverse abdominus, internal obliques) are also getting stronger. The plank aids in gaining strength and stability for the core and the rest of the body. Let’s look at some different ways of doing the plank:


1. modified plank – both knees or one knee on floor

2. basic plank – both knees off floor

3. side plank- static or moving /knee on floor

4. Quadriped–  arm and alternate leg off floor (ex.  left arm/right leg off floor)

More advanced moves

1. Basic plank – knees off floor

2. side plank – static or moving – feet stacked or staggered

3. gravedigger

4. plank with forearms on stability ball

5. plank with feet on overturned bosu

Here is a great article to learn more about the benefits of the plank: by Zemanta

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