Get 2 washcloths and have a great workout!

Yep you read that right… go to your bathroom and get 2 wash cloths or hand towels and get started with your workout!

A lack of “the right” equipment or expensive equipment should never be a reason not to workout. Although I love my gym and all the options there, if you can’t get to one or can’t afford one right now, there are certainly many at home options to get a great workout.

Today’s example is the washcloth. It felt funny just writing that honestly :). Anyway, if you have a hard wood or slick vinyl or tile floor in your home these exercises will work perfectly.

The great thing about towel exercises is they get all your muscles firing, and you can even get cardio in there as well. Here are some exercises to try:

1. Mtn climbers-  works legs, glutes, abs and cardio as well

Towels are under the balls of your feet. Alternate knees to chest as fast as you can, abs tight and neck relaxed.

2014-01-07 08.25.20 - Copy2014-01-07 08.27.15

2. Knee ins- abs, legs

Begin in basic plank and “tuck” knees in to chest. Secure the towels under the balls of your feet. This is slower than mtn climbers. Keeps abs engaged to protect lower back!

2014-01-07 08.27.08 - Copy2014-01-07 08.25.25

3.Plank walk – arms, chest back, abs

Towels can be under your hands or the balls of your feet. Begin in basic plank and “walk” your hands and feet across the room.

2014-01-07 08.25.38 - Copy2014-01-07 08.25.44 - Copy

4. Arm circles – arms, chest, back

For this one you may want to place another towel under your knees for comfort. Alternate arms in a circle motion and using that resistance as you pull your arm around. If you have rotator cuff problems stay away from this exercise as it may aggravate it.

2014-01-07 08.27.40 - Copy2014-01-07 08.27.43 - Copy

5. Hamstring bridge – glutes, legs, low back

Place towels under your heels and lift up the glutes as high as you can. Activate you hamstrings by bringing in one leg toward your glutes. Alternate legs.

2014-01-07 08.28.012014-01-07 08.28.16

6. Leg scissors – inner and outer thighs, glutes, low back

With towels under your heels, lifts glutes high as in the previous exercise and instead of bringing the heel in make a circle with one leg. this one really works those inner and outer thighs!

2014-01-07 08.28.012014-01-07 08.28.22

Do each of these exercise for 30 sec- 1 min depending on your fitness level 2-3X and you will get a great total body workout!

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