New Year and new to exercise? Tips for long term success!

Right now there are so many fitness articles floating around that for someone new to exercise it can be hard to know where to begin or who or what to believe. Along with some really great plans and advice out there are also those  that are not so great – lose 20 lbs in a month, lose fat only in your belly or drop 4 pant sizes in 2 weeks. Hmmm… better really watch what you read.

Here is some tried and true advice about weight loss and exercise – tried and true b/c I have done them and know and train others who have succeeded as well. Yes it is hard work, but work that REALLY pays off if you persevere!


1. No diets or crazy calorie restrictions! Change your eating habits in a way that you can make it a lifestyle – not a crazy 800 calorie plan no one can survive on. Not only can no one live like that for long, it will mess up your metabolism and actually make you hold on to fat for “survival”.  For us ladies never dip below 1,200 calories and men will need more than that.


2. Train with a purpose and proper form. Take the time to learn how to squat properly or lift weights properly to avoid injuries that will take you away from exercise. When new exercisers get injured, the time it takes to heal makes it that much easier to just not continue exercising at all.

3. Set a one month goal. Smaller goals add up to your big goal and set you up for little successes. These smaller wins give you the drive to continue!


4. Get off the scale and measure! Scales have their place for some ( I don’t personally own one) but some people can’t live without one and that’s okay. However, taking hip and waist measurements and body fat % give you a more accurate way to assess how fit and lean you are getting. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, so go by measurements and your skinny jeans to see how you are doing.


5. Find your “fun” exercise. Yes the words fun and exercise are right next to each other :). Will it always be fun – NO. However, everyone needs to find an exercise that they enjoy. For me it is Spinning. I love competing with myself on that bike and zoning out with the music in the dark. It is MY time, and it is where I train my hardest. Try everything exercise type you can and see what’s right for you – but do mix it up to see results!


6. See your body for the amazing machine that God created it to be! Our bodies are tough and created to work. Our lifestyle these days does not promote activity as it should so we must find ways to make up for that. I am amazed by the  stories of young and old alike  who accomplish amazing physical feats. Seek out these stories and use that motivation in your own life!

Check out this link to see some pretty amazing and fit people:

Most of all make healthy your lifestyle. Start with small changes and move on from there. Stick with exercise long enough to not see it as something to just get through every time, but as a way to grow strong and healthy and grow old being more active than your peers! Work these amazing bodies we have!

Stay tuned for more workout plans, pictures and videos to help get you to you next goal!

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