Planning your fitness attack for 2014!

Ok it is that time of year when we are inundated with fitness information! (Be careful to make sure it is accurate info though ) I love this time of year b/c there is so much enthusiasm to begin exercising. However, unless you have a plan and the mindset to stick with it that enthusiasm wanes and goals are not met. Don’t let that happen to you!

Here are some tips on how to plan your fitness attack either right now or come January 1st.

1. Set a goal! – No fitness plan can survive long without a goal to work toward. Your goal doesn’t have to be big – in fact a smaller attainable goal is best to avoid frustration and quitting altogether. Take it one goal at a time as well – don’t pile on a list. Finish one goal and move on to the next…Oh and post your goal to your bathroom mirror – that way you won’t be able to forget what you are working toward! 


2. Get a healthy recipe list ready – Planning your healthy meals is a must to avoid last minute runs through the drive thru, so get a list of 5-10 healthy recipes that you can cook. Make sure some freezable meals are on your list to for those days when no cooking is possible.

3. Have an accountability partner – real or virtual! Some people thrive on exercising with a partner to stay motivated or just to get them to the gym, which is a great idea. Others prefer to workout alone, but still need the accountability. is a good site to find a workout partner to keep you motivated!


4. Don’t be afraid to try new exercises! Whether it is new class you want to take at the gym or just a cool exercise you saw on the web, don’t be afraid to try new things! Of course keep your safety and fitness level in mind, but beware of boredom when it comes to exercise – it is one of the first reasons we quit workout out!

I am not totally sure what they are doing in this picture but I would love to try this workout!

unique exercise class

5. Change your mindset about exercise- this is THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP in my opinion. A lot of people view exercise as a chore they dislike and only as a means to fit into their old clothes again. This mindset sets us up for a very short fitness commitment. Being fit does give us the outward appearance we want, but it must go deeper than that! When you take control of your health and work toward a goal until it becomes a reality, the mental strength, discipline and confidence you get increases your ability to succeed in other areas of your life!


Now go get to work! Check back here for more workout tips and plans to help you reach your goals!

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