Tips to stay fit focused this Holiday season!

And like a flash the Holidays are upon us again.. along with the sweets, treats, parties and many temptations around every corner. I have to admit that I usually enter this season with great apprehension and dread on how to manage all the temptation.

However this year I am reminded of an article I read awhile back that shed some wisdom on how to positively view things we normally see as temptations and only in the negative light. Instead of seeing every high calorie food as something to avoid (which we know will only make us want it more), reserve a portion of your food intake for those special treats. Don’t say I can’t have this or that, but set a realistic expectation for your indulgences.

Before going to a dinner or party, make a decision about what you will have – say you will have one dessert and it will be your absolute favorite. Don’t view all good tasting things as an enemy but something to be enjoyed in moderation- especially this time of year.

chocolate cake

Of course a long with the food temptations, there are the million Holiday tasks that take our attention and time away from exercising. Again, planning is the key  to success in so many areas of life; so here are a few of the tips that I use to keep myself on track:

1. Don’t set lofty weight loss goals or “get in bikini shape in 1 month” goals right now. That’s right – a fitness trainer telling you to back off your goals a bit! It is ok to have goals for the end of the year of course, but keep them realistic. A lot of times if someone gets derailed one week from their plan, they will think all is lost, and they will never lose that 20 lbs before Christmas, so why even try at all…..Set realistic goals!

2. Plan, plan, plan! This tip works all days of the year, but is imperative during the Holidays. Write your workouts in your planner like you do all other appts. It is on your To-Do list and needs to be checked off at the end of the day!

3. Try a new type of workout this season! Never went to a spinning class? Ever thought weight training was too hard or yoga would be too easy? (I believe you would find both of those ideas to be untrue from my experience.) Trying something new will be fun and will be more appealing to keep it on your busy to do list if you are really looking forward to it and see the value in it.

4. Give yourself an early Christmas present! I always say that you don’t need a lot of equipment or gear to get a good workout, but sometimes a new exercise gadget, outfit or class can really help with motivation. Here is a link to some of the new fitness gadgets this year – including a fork that can tell how much and how fast you are eating – pretty scary!

Lastly, in fitness consistency is what brings you to the finish line! Don’t wait until New Years and totally check out the next couple of months. Stay active in whatever way you can amid all the craziness.

Come January you will be closer to your ultimate goals and not full of regret for taking a couple of months off. Take care of your body and enjoy the season!

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