Become your kids “trainer” and get them off the couch!

In our house I feel I have a constant battle with my kids “electronic entertainment gadgets”. I am all for technology and having a little fun with the Wii, DS, T.V., etc.. but it can truly take over if you let it.videogame kids

I feel that fun is pretty much all kids really get out of these games along with some eye-hand coordination and MAYBE some problem solving skills? I know that is probably a stretch….. Fun is important for kids especially after a  long day sitting at school doing work, but so is physical activity.kidsweightsetWouldn’t this weight set be cool for the kids to have!

Maybe your kids are like mine. They come home “exhausted” and hungry, and just want to lay down and do nothing.  So after a few minutes of snack and doing their homework they want to go straight to the couch and play their games. I have to admit on occasion that is what happens depending on what the night holds for us-  group meetings, sick child, my going to work after daddy gets home, etc…

However, most days I find that after a few minutes of complaining about being sent outside, they have a blast playing in the yard ( yes even playing TOGETHER sometimes) and reluctantly come in for dinner.

Some days I become “bootcamp mom” and hold a little workout with them if the stars align and we have time in the afternoon :).  It’s not fancy, but they love it, and they usually end up having to stop because they are laughing so hard. It is a great way to give them something active and different to do outside, as well as get some quality time with your child.

Here is a sample”bootcamp” you can do with your kids ( or become the instructor and tell them what to do 🙂 ). It only takes 10-15 min., or as long as you want it to take!  No equipment needed! 

1. 20 jumping jacks 

2. 20 squats

3. 20 mountain climbers

3. count to 20 plank hold (check their form! 🙂  )

4. 20 burpees

5. 10 pushups

6. count to 30 knees up (jog in place)

Other ideas: jump rope, sprinting contests, hopsctoch, relays, crabwalk, bunny hop….


Some days chasing our chickens becomes the fitness activity!

Have your kids do that 2-3X in a row, and they will feel better, rest better at night and be happier – guaranteed!

When my kids sit too much I have noticed they get even more lethargic and sometimes grumpy.  Get outside and become your kids “fitness coach”, and I bet you notice an improved mood with your child.

Any more fitness ideas or exercises you do with your kids? Please share! with the rest of us!

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One thought on “Become your kids “trainer” and get them off the couch!

  1. At times, especially with streaks of bad weather, we’ll use the “Active Life Explorer” for the wii. My son works up a sweat, and we have to remind him to take a break now and then because he’s having so much fun with it!
    Question: Do you have any “fun” ways to work on upper body strength? Most kids on the autism spectrum (my son) tend to have very low upper body muscle tone.
    Thanks! -Vanessa

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