Reap the IMMEDIATE benefits of exercise!

Are you beginning a weight loss/fitness journey that seems long and daunting? Sometimes our ultimate goals can seem far away, but today let’s focus on the IMMEDIATE BENEFITS OF EXERCISE! Look at what just 30 minutes of exercise can do:

Anyone who exercises regularly can attest to the “high” they experience after exercise. This rush of endorphins, seratonin, dopamine, etc..  really does exist. The release of chemicals not only boosts our mood but also can be somewhat of a pain reliever of minor ailments as well. For us ladies, exercise relieves many symptoms of PMS while boosting our mood!

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain which optimizes our memory and cognitive ability. This is also a great time for some of us to  utilize those awakened brain cells to think about what’s going on in or lives and solve problems.

Others like to take this time to socialize with a workout partner. Strong relationships can be built with those we exercise with. Let’s face it -they see us sweaty and are undergoing the same hardships and challenges we are. Even if you are more of a “lone exerciser” change it up by meeting with a workout partner at least once in awhile for the moral support.

One of the big reasons people exercise is to lower their blood pressure and to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes. Did you know that your blood pressure is lower for 16 hrs. after a moderate exercise session? Also, your bodies resistance to insulin is higher after a workout warding off diabetes!

Have you noticed that you or a friend who doesn’t exercise gets a lot of colds and viruses? Exercise increases the immunoglobins in your system which strengthens your immune system to help fight off those nasty germs.

Of course  burning fat and increasing lean muscle are some of the more well known benefits of exercise, but we must never forget how are strengthening our heart and lungs as much as the muscle we are trying to tone. Every single exercise session is a step forward in the strengthening of our entire bodies. This is when we need to take a step back from the focus on pounds to lose and realize that every minute of effort you push through is creating a stronger, healthier body.

Think about the big picture and enjoy these immediate benefits of exercise. Don’t ever let a scale get you down! Every minute of exercise is doing something positive for your body, so go get moving!

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