How do you REALLY make exercise a lifestyle change?

We all know this time of year the gyms are crowded, the fitness clothes are flying off the shelves and you can feel the enthusiasm from people that this is “the year”. I have been going to gyms for  over 15 years now, but I am always excited to see the new faces and those excited about making a healthy change. Who will stick it through and really make the change though? We always hear about those who got out of the habit of exercising, felt bored at the gym, stopped eating right, etc… We all know what can cause us to stop eating right and exercising, but what causes someone to be successful. That is what we need to focus on this time of year.

The first step to success is to have a plan. Walking into a gym without any idea what you need to be doing is setting yourself up for failure. Most gyms will offer an initial appointment with a trainer to show you how to use the machines. They may even set you up with a plan for a few weeks to get you started. If you are completely new to exercise I really do recommend a trainer at least in the beginning to give you some knowledge about the exercises you should be doing for your specific goals. A goal specific plan is so important and should include small milestones and goals that you can achieve on the way to your big goal.

The next step is to realize this really has to be a real CHANGE. There is no quick fix, no fad diet that will lead to a fit body. Patience and perserverance is a must in order to lose weight in a healthy way and have it stay off. In this society we all want results now, and I have areas of impatience myself so I understand. What will help you stay the course is to realize how every decision you make affects your body in a positive or negative way. Nothing positive can come out of stopping your exercise program or giving up on eating healthy. Making these healthy choices really does get easier over time, and many people wonder why they didn’t make the change sooner.

Lastly, think about what will happen if you don’t really make a change? I always try to focus on the positives in life, but one way to make you think twice before giving up is to imagine you really did. How would that make you feel? Now think about all the positives that come from staying the course – losing weight, having more energy, lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol, getting a sense of control over your life. These are all great reasons for us all to stick with it this year.

Changing your lifestyle will not be easy, so it must be worth it right? Don’t have this on your resolution list next year – make it happen now! You can absolutely make this change!

Check out the workouts on my site! I have begun adding videos that you can follow along with as well.

Feel free to ask me any of your fitness questions or advice on plans for you. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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