No equipment workout plan during you holiday travel!

Like many of you, I will be traveling this Christmas and be without my gym. While a break away from our routine can become an excuse not to exercise, here is a 10 step workout that requires no equipment – just our own body weight- and takes little space.

Complete 2-3 rounds of this workout. You can do  these circuits throughout the day to break it up! 

1. Warm-up – jog in place 3-5 min.                                                                                      Extra challenge

2. 20 Basic squats                                                                                                                      Try one legged squats

3. 10 push-ups – get up on those toes for at least a couple!                                     Decline push-ups with feet on a chair

4. 20 burpees

5.  Curtsy squat – see video clip for technique

6. Tricep dips on chair                                                                                                             Put your legs straight out instead of bent

7. Knees high jog in place

8.  30 sec  basic  plank hold                                                                                                    Go for a minute or longer!

9. Bicycles – slow and controlled raising shoulder blade off floor

10. 30 Sec side plank each side                                                                                             Stack feet instead of knee down

Don’t give up during these last weeks of December! You still need to take care of your body and you will be ahead of the game come January! 

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