Holidays and your fitness – create your balancing act

It’s just a little over a week until Christmas, and parties, good times and of course great food is all around. Although I am not a big proponent of taking too long of a “break” from a fit lifestyle or waiting until January to start exercising and eating right, this is a great time to find your “balance”.

Finding your balance means enjoying this time and the good food that comes with it but not forgetting portion size and squeezing in exercise when you can.  I am living this myself b/c this is day 3 in a row (with many to come) of Christmas parties/get – togethers with friends. Here are a few of the tips I  have found that help me enjoy the holidays without creating a big setback in my own fitness come January.

1. Remember that parties and family fun don’t have to always revolve around food. Playing games, watching Christmas movies, reading books and even walking through the malls to look at Christmas lights are great ways to get away from the food.

2. Before a party eat a light snack so you are not ravenous around the high calorie foods.

3. Set limits for yourself before you go out. Make a mental pact with yourself to not overindulge and enjoy the social aspects of the event. Think of how may drinks and”plates” of food you will allow yourself and stick to it!

4. Remember to fit in exercise to counterbalance the treats. If you indulge, which at some point will be all of us, counteract it with some exercise. Not only will it burn off some of those calories, but it will make you feel better (remember those endorphins) and give you a sense of control over your health even in the  biggest temptation month of the year.

5. Look at the big picture. While it is important to enjoy this season, remember that January is right around the corner, so don’t create too much of an uphill battle for yourself.

Those are a few helpful hints to get you through the next couple of weeks. Do you have some tips that you use to enjoy this time of year without adding too much work for yourself in January?

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