No gym, No excuse – My Sunday at home workout plan

Sunday’s are usually my day to utilize my home gym. With my husband working on the never ending project list for the house and no childcare at my gym, it is a perfect time to do some of the workouts I plan for my own clients. It’s a great way to tweak their plans, come up with new ideas while getting a workout in for myself. Plus the kids get involved and see the importance of exercise.

Today’s workout:  Tabatas – five  4 min.rounds to total 20 minutes. Although very intense, they are a great way to get in a workout with little or no equipment. I did a “fartlek” (fancy term for no real pattern in a workout) variety including burpees, box step-ups, squat jumps and even jumping jacks. There is even special Tabata music you can download, so you don’t have to worry about timing yourself – love that!

So if you find yourself without access to the gym, childcare or it is just too cold outside – do a few rounds of Tabatas. Make them intense and don’t cheat yourself out of a good workout! You will feel so much better after!

Check out my link below for specific instructions on how to complete a Tabata workout.

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