The holiday season is here! Tips for not tipping the scale in 2013!

The Holiday season has begun, and again we are surrounded by goodies, parties ( with goodies) and stores (with goodies) everywhere. Our willpower is never more tested than this very time. As a fan of everything in moderation, I do love all the “goodies” and will not deprive myself, but the word to focus on here is  “moderation“.

The average American will gain between 7 and 12 lbs. this season, and many people will not lose most of it over the course of 2013. Although the yummy treats are a big part of the season, we should try to focus on other ways to enjoy it  that won’t come back to bite us on January 2!

If you have kids, instead of spending an afternoon baking (although there are times for this :), spend it making  Christmas art projects/ornaments that will last forever! This will help them not always associate the holidays with food as well. Another idea is to play some seasonal games that will get everyone moving. This link has some great ideas! :

Take a walk through the neighborhood to look a the lights instead of driving! Of course, if it snows where you live, go get out in it at least for a little while! Make the most of being outside even when it is cold.

Volunteering and focusing on helping others less fortunate  is always a great way to give back and keeps us out of the kitchen :). Again, great idea if you have kids b/c it reinforces the Christmas spirit and the true meaning of Christmas.

These are all great distractions from the goodies, but we also need an exercise plan. If you have not really been using a schedule or tracking your workouts in some way, NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO START. Don’t wait until January to start thinking about this. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Set a  weekly goal and do everything in your power to make it happen. Make it realistic remembering that this is a very busy time of year. Nothing will make us stop altogether with our plan if we make it unachieveable, especially due to time constraints. Keep it real and keep it up! 

Do you have any ideas for keeping the pounds away this season? Please share!

The holidays are a great time,and can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Make an effort to take care of yourself during this great season!

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