Top 3 best total body exercises

When we exercise we want moves that will be efficient and effective. Here are my votes for the 3 best overall moves based on how many muscle groups they use and the results they give us.

#1. Squat :  The basic squat is a terrific exercise for total lower body toning and strengthening b/s it recruits all the major muscles of the legs – hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. To do a squat properly make sure to sit back as if you would in a chair, making sure your knees don’t go over your toes. The movement should be slow and controlled. When coming up from a squat don’t go all the way to a standing position – keep some of that contraction throughout the exercise.

#2 Push-up : Don’t be intimidated – this exercise will define your whole upper body. Push-ups work the muscles in your arms, chest and back as well as your core. To do a proper push-up, place you hands  wider than shoulder width apart, pulling in your core, making sure you r chest is parallel to the floor. You may begin on your knees, but try to work up to doing some on your toes – that is what will really engage that core.

#3 Plank :  The plank is so effective for engaging the entire core/abs. It requires you to use your stabilizing muscles and the transverse which really pull in that mid section. To do a plank on your elbows, make sure your shoulder and elbows are in a straight line. Your body should be as straight as a ruler (no hips hiked in the air or low back swaying), and your belly button should be pulled throughout the exercise. If your form weakens while on your toes, lower your knees to the ground – still an effective exercise.

Those are the winners!  If  you are short on time make sure to get these exercises in for a quick yet effective overall body strengthening and toning.

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