Move that couch yourself! – why women should strength train

I know in this day and age women thrive on independence – (to the men readers- I am not negating your purpose in our lives or insulting you in this post, just trying to empower women to be more fit). There are many ways we can be independent, but I am going to focus on the physical fitness part. How about carrying your own loads of grocery bags from the car to the kitchen without help? Moving the couch to vacuum under it (I rarely think to do that) ? Carrying bags of potting soil or mulch? The other day, I had to swap my son’s twin mattress for the one in the basement – husband wasn’t home- so guess what? I carried the mattresses up and down the stairs myself – I was very proud of myself that day I must say ;). I am not a huge bodybuilder, and I still look like a woman. However, I do strength train, so moving the mattresses was possible for me. If you are lucky enough to have servants and don’t have to do any of these things your self then read on for some more reasons to pick up those weights.

1. Increases self confidence – the reasons above are great examples – you are strong and independent

2. Great for fat loss – one pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories per day just to exist/one pound of fat burns 2-3 calories/day

3. Fight against osteoporosis and osteopenia (beginning signs of osteoporosis) –  Strength training helps make our bones more dense

4. May lower risk of type 2 diabetes weight training uses glycogen which lowers the bodies sugar level – fascinating new study-

Here is a link to learn more on that:

5. Fewer injuries – It is not only your muscles that get stronger, but also your ligaments tendons and stabilizing muscles

6. Great way to set goals! Tracking how you have increased the weight you lift or the number of reps can be super motivating.

7. Enjoy being firm! Be proud of nice toned muscles and arms and legs that turned from squishy to hard!

Lastly, don’t be afraid of looking like a guy! You would have to train an insane amount of hours and possibly be taking more than a multivitamin if you know what I mean.

Strength train 2x -3x a week for 30-45 min to see results. Keep up the cardio as well to keep a balanced fitness plan – your heart is a muscle after all.

Go reap the benefits of strength training!

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