The foods we train on

Have you ever been confused about what to eat when you are trying to lose fat, build muscle or both?  Although I am not a nutritionist, I have learned on my own study, some basics of nutrition when it comes to getting in shape. Also, I cringe at the word diet (hope I didn’t accidentally use it somewhere in this article) b/c eating well is a way of life – not a time of deprivation for 2 weeks so you can incinerate fat. Too bad fat can’t be incinerated…. I digress.

A training meal plan consists of  lean protein (chicken, fish and even beef if it is the right cut), lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains – and yes even fats – the good ones. Good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) come from olive oil, avocados, nuts and eggs.

In short, here are some typical training day menu options that I enjoy:

Breakfast: 1. 2 egg omelet with spinach and red pepper/ coffee with skim milk/ whole grain toast

2. steel cut oats with berries, honey and ground flax seed/ coffee  w/ skim milk

Lunch : 1.  veggie stir fry with chicken or fish -brown rice/green tea

2. peanut butter(the natural kind) with banana on whole grain/ carrots and hummus

Dinner : 1. Grilled chicken or fish with lots of veggies/ water with lemon

Snacks : 1. greek yogurt with fruit and a few almonds

2. homemade granola bars here is the link:  with these I use 1/4 c canola oil and 1/4 c applesauce to cut the fat down. Sometimes I add some dark chocolate chips 🙂

3. 1 scoop whey protein with water (post workout)

I prefer to have several small meals throughout the day b/c then I never feel too full. I find smaller meals also fight against blood sugar drops – which lead to me grabbing a chocolate bar at 4:00 ;).

Here is a great article from Hers magazine (which I truly enjoy reading) that shows the food pyramid through the eyes of someone in training.

Now I must clarify that sometimes we need to give in a little to that piece of chocolate, ice cream, potato chips – whatever you crave. Complete deprivation will never end anywhere but the refrigerator at midnight with no will power. So be sure to treat yourself responsibly once in awhile!

Lastly, I feel the key to a successful training diet is planning. Without a plan, you will be left hungry, and the only options will probably not be healthy. When I make my kids lunches I also pack my lunch and snack and post workout snack  if needed. I have a cooler with me at all times, so I don’t get famished and find myself at the drive -thru. Be prepared – the true key to success when it comes to a proper nutrition when you are training. So take control and start planning your meals for success!


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