What’s your wake up call?

I recently read and article about a lady who was ticketed for not  wearing her seat belt. This didn’t seem all that newsworthy until I read why she wasn’t wearing her seat belt – the seat belt wouldn’t fit around her waist.  For this lady, that was her “wake-up call”. She realized that being obese was putting her in danger not just for health problems but also in her day to day driving. She went on to lose 200 lbs b/c of this ticket (which she still keeps as a reminder to stay healthy).

This made me wonder what other “wake up calls” might motivate or have motivated you. I know for myself if my clothes start to fit more snug -and I don’t mean the skinny jeans, although I do love those – just regular clothes, I take a second look at my habits to see if I am falling off the wagon. I don’t own a scale b/c I think people get too caught up in that day to day number which we all know as women can fluctuate from day to day. We know what fit looks like – we don’t need a number in my opinion.

So do you have a “wake up call” moment? If you don’t, it is not a bad idea to have a benchmark for yourself (like I do with the way clothes fit) just to keep you in check with your body. It is easy for a few pounds to creep in on us if we don’t stay tuned with ourselves. After all, fitness is a way of life, so we must stay on top of fit as we do our budgets and other day to day responsibilities of life.  So check in on yourself once in awhile and keep fit!

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