Cardio ideas for a small space

Sometimes getting your cardio in in a small space at home can be challenging. You may not even have enough space  to “do the grapevine” – my fitness video lovers know what I mean :). Here are a few ways to crank that heart rate up with little space:

1. Get  a plyo box or step. A plyo box is simply a wooden cube made in various heights. You can use it for one or two leg jumps, lateral jumps or just simple step-ups. A traditional step is useful too.

2. Burpees are back! I love burpees b/c they really rev up your heart rate and if you are super motivated add a push-up.

3. Jump rope – if you have the ceiling height or you can take it out on the porch or driveway- you may just motivate a neighbor  to exercise!

4. Get those knees up! Run in place and raise those knees.

5. Plyometrics is a great cardio exercise. Jumping lunges, jumping squats, side-to-side jumps over a small object and even old school jumping jacks are just a few.

Ok, I know you are probably not going to do 30 min of burpees – neither would I, so here is a sample of a great 20 min interval cardio workout you can do in a small space. Don’t forget to crank up the music – makes it way more fun 🙂

0-2 min. – warm-up – jog in place

2-5 min. – 30 sec. of burpees/30 sec. rest (march in place)

5-6 min. – knees up – jog in place

6-9 min. – 30 sec. jumping lunges/ sec rest (march in place)

9-10 min. – knees up – jog in place

10-13 min. – 30 sec. mountain climbers/30 sec. rest (march in place)

13-14 min. – knees up – jog in place

14-17 min. – 30 sec. lateral jumps/30 sec. rest (march in place

17-18 min. – knees up -jog in place

18-20 min. slow jog/walking in place to cool down

Stick with this workout a couple of times a week to challenge your fitness level – especially if you are not used to intervals. This is a great way to break up your routine!

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