It’s Tue at 9 – another aerobics class I guess…….Get out of the rut!

As moms we like like our schedules – I am the same way. We like to have it all planned out – knowing, however, that it can all be blown to smitherenes (not sure how to spell that) when our child throws up in the car on the way to school. It is great to plan, and I am a huge fan of planning workouts to fit them in, but sometimes we need to shake it up!

Do you run the same route everyday and know every crack in that sidewalk? Do you take the same spin class or weight training class the same day every week? Consistency is good but not if you are just going through the motions. I have a route I love to run, but the other day I found myself kind of dreading seeing the same thing I always see when I run. So, without thinking too much I just started running in a completely different direction. SO glad I did! I saw new things, had new hills that challenged me and my run seemed to end too quickly believe it or not.

If you don’t run, take your spin or weight training class but with a different instructor. You won’t hurt their feelings-but you just might learn new techniques or a new perspective on fitness. Maybe even go crazy and take a Zumba or other fast-paced aerobic class. Since I am not a dancer I found Zumba challenging and very funny (when I saw myself in the mirror).

Take your workout outside while you can before winter comes. If you have weights at home, take them outside and do your strength training or even run laps if your yard is big enough – I have done this since we have a hilly yard. I cranked my ipod up and for 20 min., it was just me and that hill. It may be hard or seem weird at first, but you will be so glad you did.

So change it up! Don’t let yourself fall into a rut and get bored. Life is too short for that. Go find a new way to exercise!

Please fell free to post any ways you have changed up your routine -always love new ideas.

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