Chocolate Milk – Not just for the kids anymore

Who says chocolate milk is just for kids?  The recent research on the benefits of chocolate milk post-workout really made my day. Even athletes like Apollo Ohno and Chris Bosh of the USA Basketball Men’s National Team drink it after their tough workouts. So what makes it so good?

After a vigorous workout your body is depleted of many things other than just water. The body needs to replenish and repair. We need to replace the glycogen our muscles used for fuel during the workout. The sugar  from the chocolate milk provides muscles with that glycogen they need. There are also small amounts of sodium in milk which your body needs back after a heavy sweat session. Chocolate milk has a high water content to prevent dehydration as well.

Some experts refer to the “two hour recovery window” as the optimum chance to allow your body maximum recovery via nutrition. If you wait too late, you may not be at your “peak ” at your next workout. Chocolate milk is packed with protein which is very important – especially after a strength training session. Muscles need protein to become stronger and rebulid those broken down muscle cells.

Chocolate milk seems to have everything one needs after a tough workout – carbs, protein,sodium, and of course water. Just make sure to drink the low fat or non fat kinds. Read the label for the sugar content as well and steer away from the powdery mixes with the catchy logos.

So put down the sports drinks and grab some low fat chocolate milk. I can’t think of a better way to end my workout than with chocolate!

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