Hello fit moms and moms seeking to be fit!

If you don’t think of yourself as a fit mom please don’t click out of this! We will get you there!!! 🙂

Quick bio : My name is Stefanie, and I am here to encourage, teach and trudge along with you in the trenches of fitness as a busy mom. I have always enjoyed reading about everything fitness, and yes, I even enjoy exercise (most days). I decided to turn this passion into a career, so once my littles ones entered school I became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. At 35, I feel much wiser and ready to pour myself into my passion for fitness and encourage all moms and all women out there to be healthy for their family, which brings me to my first topic…….


The fact that you have taken precious time out of your day to read about exercise is a step in the right direction. You could have decided to check you Facebook or Pinterest account – stop – you can do that later :).

If you need encouragement to stay with a fitness plan, want to learn how to begin a fitness plan and incorporate it into your day or are in a quest for more knowledge about fitness related topics, you are in the right place! We will cover it all.

I am here to educate and encourage, and never neglect the humor in our journey. Without the humor how would we get through it? To get us started, here is a short fitness-related humorous story for you at my expense:

After a 3 day weekend of non-stop studying, listening to lectures and exam taking, I had finally finished my personal training exam. The months of preparation and stress were behind me, and I was feeling really good as I walked out of that building – so good in fact that I didn’t see the curb. You guessed it- the new fitness trainer just wiped out on that sidewalk with books and papers flying all over the place. I still have the scars on my knees. I have never picked myself off the ground so fast (no, it doesn’t happen all the time) – in fear that my instructor would run out and deem me too clumsy to be a trainer. I am a fitness trainer, not a graceful dancer after all. See just another reason to stay fit- to be able to bounce back quickly after a fall :).

Back on point now.

I love quizzes and polls. I intend to set up a lot of those on this blog. I also love feedback.

I want to know, “What is the biggest reason you are not exercising?” No reason is too silly. I had a friend once who admitted that she just doesn’t like to feel sweaty and that is why she didn’t exercise. There are many reasons out there – let us know!

If you are finding ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday life please share! My next post addresses this very topic on creative ways to find the time for fitness – especially when you have kids at home all day.I have tried them all and will give you my honest opinion.

Looking forward to your comments and feel free to give me ideas for future posts. I am here to write about the topics you want to hear about!

Now, did you exercise today? 

🙂 Stefanie




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